How Tanning Lotion Helps Protect Against Skin Cancer

How Tanning Lotion Helps Protect Against Skin Cancer

Tanning lotion helps protect against skin cancer by blocking the ultraviolet rays that penetrate all layers of the skin. 95% of UVA rays are emitted from the sun giving you a tan by increasing the melatonin in your body.

5% of UVB rays emitted from the sun causes sunburn and changes your DNA. The UV rays damage your skin cells causing premature aging and skin cancer. There are different types of skin cancer but Melanoma is fatal and can’t be treated.

Tanning lotion helps protect your skin by blocking the UV rays that cause so much damage to your body. Most people aren’t aware of the health dangers caused by overexposure to the sun, so therefore they don’t use any type of protection.

You can get a healthy nice tan by taking precautions when indoor or outdoor tanning. The sun is hottest during mid-day and should be avoided if possible.

There are different types of tanning lotions, and most are good but you want to use the one that has the most moisturizer in it. The lotion will protect your skin, keep it from drying out and prevent premature aging.

It’s a good idea to also use an after tanning lotion. After you are done tanning, apply it liberally after showering. It keeps your skin hydrated and blocks in the moisture so your skin will look youthful and healthy all the time.

In the 1960’s people weren’t aware of the dangers of UV rays causing so much damage to their skin. It was the era of the hippies and surfers and they practically lived outdoors in the California sun.

They didn’t think about how important their skin was and today the ravage effects of the hot sun have taken a toll on their health, skin and eyes. Many have poor vision, their skin is all wrinkled, some have skin cancer which is treatable and some have died from skin cancer and other diseases.

Keep in mind how the UV rays kill the good cells causing all types of cancer and other diseases. When UV rays damage your cells, it’s a fact that cancer will start, so don’t let a short-term tan ruin the rest of your life.

How Tanning Lotion Helps Protect Against Skin Cancer

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