Skin Cancer Nose Treatment – Is Surgery Really Needed?

Skin Cancer Nose Treatment – Is Surgery Really Needed?

It is quite common for skin cancer to occur on the nose. This is because the nose is so easily and prominently exposed to the UV rays of the sun, hence a prime target for the disease skin cancer. Having the unsightly sores so prominently displayed can be a real issue for many people, if not all.

Like most cancer, the main cause of nose cancer is due to the excessive exposure to the sun. Our genetic material in skin cells can be altered by the suns UV rays, causing mutations. If you think sunlamps and tanning booths are safe then think again. They also generate UV rays that can seriously damage your skin and cause malignant cell mutations.

There are 3 most common types of skin cancers. They are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and the malignant melanoma. The most common and least deadly is basal cell carcinoma. Melanoma is linked to excessive sun tanning. In fact, it appears that 1 blistering excessive sunburn during a persons childhood may twice as likely to increase his or her chances of developing melanoma later in life.

But the sun UV rays are not the only culprit for causing skin cancer. A weak immune system, certain types of inherited diseases or chronic skin injury could also be to blame.

Like all cancers, it is wise to seek treatment before it starts to spread to other parts of the body. Detecting the cancer early could mean life or death, so dont take it too lightly when you see a small tiny sore on your nose. As the nose cancer will increase in size, it is best to get surgery done as quickly as possible. It does not matter if you see a doctor, general physician or even a dermatologist, they will let you know of your options on available treatments.

Unless it is a large cancer or malignant melanoma, no surgery will be necessary. In cases like these, treatment will usually involve cutting it with a hot knife or liquid nitrogen will be applied on the infected area. But should surgery be required, it is usually done fast and easy.

Most doctors or dermatologist will go for the least invasive treatment possible, unless of course, surgery cannot be avoided. But whatever the treatment, having it treated is a definite must. Most people will try to delay going for a checkup in the hopes that the sore will disappear. Well, remember, if detected early, skin cancer can be treated, if delayed however, it might spread to other parts of the body, hence it could be deadly.

Skin Cancer Nose Treatment – Is Surgery Really Needed?

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