Breast Cancer Myths and Reality

Breast Cancer Myths and Reality

Breast cancer is greatly feared by many women especially if this disease runs in the families, but learning more about breast cancer myths and reality is an eye opening process that will bring peace and confidence back into your life.

Read below to discovery the truth and some very interesting facts about breast cancer.

Myth #1: Routine mammograms should be delivered to all women after age 40 to help detect cancerous lumps at early stages. According to the new health guidelines issued by U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, routine mammograms are now not recommended as they expose pre-menopausal women to high levels of radiation that in itself can trigger cancerous growth. A much safer alternative to routine mammograms are thermographic breast screenings that are much superior in technology sense compared to potentially hazardous mammograms and allow to detect dangerous breast masses much sooner. Thermographic testing simply measures the heat from your body and transposes it into an image on the screen. This method is safe and reliable.

Myth#2: Only women get breast cancer, men don’t. We just wish it was true, but unfortunately men do have breast tissues that can grow cancerous masses. About 1,700 men annually get diagnosed with breast cancer.

Myth #3: I’ve discovered a lump in my breast and it means I have cancer. Absolutely not true, only 2 out of 10 breast lumps end up being true cancer growths, the rest are benign. See your doctor as soon as possible to carefully examine you and make a correct diagnosis.

Myth #4: Cancer runs in my family – I’m doomed to get it, too. If some of your family members had it, it simply puts you at a greater risk of developing cancer but doesn’t guarantee you will end up with the disease. Talk to your doctor which measures he thinks are important to keep your health under close monitoring and ensure you stay healthy.

Breast Cancer Myths and Reality

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