Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Stage 2 Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Stage 2 Breast Cancer

Life threatening diseases are not only seen on television advertisements, they are even on radio commercials. Posters in nearby vicinities of different hospitals and community centres about cancer awareness are scattered due to the drastic change it might cause to an infected individual.

In cancer there are different stages, and for the cancer of the breast there are 4 different stages. Stage 2 breast cancer is when the tumor within the breast has grown and easily be noticed but have not expanded beyond the regions of the breast.

Below are different conditions or stages of stage 2 breast cancer and their survival rates.

• According to some studies, for II A cancer of the breast, the survival rate is at 92% and is consistently improving each year.

Stage II A cancer of the breast is when there are no malignant cancer cells within the breast itself but rather found in the auxiliary lymph nodes and If the cancer is between 2 – 5 cm.

• If it is already at the stage II B the survival rate is at 81%.

Stage II B cancer of the breast is when the tumor is no larger than 5 centimetres but has not affected the axillary lymph nodes. This stage is a preparation for the malignant cancer tumor in the breast to infiltrate and infect the nearby tissues near the breast.

For white women, up to 29% are diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, and for black women, 36%. All in all there is a 62% average of patients diagnosed with this type of cancer within stage 2. Early detection is very crucial, because it has been proven that there is a 98% breast cancer survival rates for patients diagnosed at the first stage. To save the lives of people with this malignant disease, an early finding is very essential.

A stage 2 breast cancer is not as bad as it seems. Usually tumors in the breast are removed because they are easily found and examined during this stage. In fact there have been incessant improvements of its survival rates.

Breast cancer survival rates vary depending on the tumor size and if the cancer of the breast has been spread to the lymph glands. The good news for patients with this kind of cancer is the availability of abundant information for made accessible to help early detection and prevention. The primary reason for breast cancer survival rates are early detection along with improved treatments.

There are ways in order to prevent this malignant disease:

1. Monthly examinations every month
2. Acquiring a healthy lifestyle
3. Exercise, maintain a healthy weight
4. Moderate the intake of alcohol

However the chance of acquiring cancer of the breast is greater for older women and the bad news is the 10% chance of the cancer to recur even after successful medications.

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