Skin Cancer Symptoms

Skin Cancer Symptoms

There are many types of skin cancers. The types of cancers depend upon the area affected and the severity of the disease. A skin cancer can damage any part of the body. The symptoms also differ from the type of cancer developed.

The three types of cancers are BCC, SCC and melanoma. The main symptoms of BCC are:

a. on the skin bumps develop in the form of a circle and the bumps are usually in the shape of a pear. If they swell then immediately visit should be made with the doctor. These bumps usually occur in the areas that are often exposed such as face, neck or shoulders.

b. When crusts develop on the lump, they may bleed and cause infection. If such symptoms are noticed they immediately visit the doctor because this bleeding can be the early cause of cancers.

The BCC and SCC develop in the similar form. Following are the symptoms of SCC.

a. the SCC develops in a form of patch in the skin at the initial stage. The size of the patches is usually form and appears on the face like a scale. It of course! Causes a lot of discomfort to the skin. They usually appear on those areas that are exposed to the radiations of sun most of the times.

b. Similarly like BCC they later on began to bleed and develop in the form of an ulcer. Most of the patients who develop it think that he has developed an ordinary swelling but he may not be aware that it may cause a major problem to him. But he must realize that it may lead him to cancer.

If these symptoms are neglected at an early stage then the large of these bumps obviously enlarge. Then these bumps develop cancerous cells within them.

If you develop melanoma then you notice the following symptoms:

a. in the initial stage you develop moles and when the moles develop they become cancerous. You must realize the onset of skin melanoma if you notice large moles in your adulthood or if you are feeling itchy or discomfort due to the presence of mole in the skin.

b. You must be able to identify moles. The moles are usually encircled by some peculiar elements. The color of the mole appears somewhat brown or red. You may notice lesions also.

There are many types of skin cancers as the skin is made up of many layers and each layer consists of many cells. The type of skin cancers depend upon the layer infected and the cells damaged. The skin is made up of three main layers and the three main layers consist of three main types of cells. The outer most layer is known as epidermis and it consists of three cells. The second layer is known as dermis layer and the inner most layer is known as subcutaneous layer. This innermost layer consists of fat and loose cells. When skin cancer is caused the layer that is most affected is the epidermal layer.

1. As you know there are three types of cancers ie. Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC, Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and Melanoma.

Basal cell carcinoma: the basal cells that are found in the epidermis are affected by the cancer. This cancer is mostly caused to people with fair skin. When this cancer develops the basal cells enlarged. This disease is mainly caused to people who are often exposed to sunlight. The cancer becomes malignatnt if not treated for a longer time. The cancerous cells spread due to the development.

SCC: The Squamous cells are the outermost lining cells of the epidermal layer. If these cells are affected they can affected the entire skin or the entire layer of epidermis. It should be treated at the right time or else the cells become malignant. these cells do not have the property of metastazing even if they are left untreated for a longer period but they may just spread to the nearby tissues.

Melanoma: it is the most hazardous type of cancer compared to the other types of cancers. In the lower area of the epidermal layer melanocytes are present. They are responsible for the secretion of pigment known as melanin when it is exposed to sunlight. This disease is so dangerous that it can spread to the inner organs also.

The treatment of skin cancer also depends upon the type of disease he is experiencing. There are many types of skin cancers. If a person is diagnosed with melanoma, then he must undergo very systematic form of treatment. Even the doctors should treat such patients so carefully that the cancer should not spread to the other cells. But a person who is undergo BCC or SCC can be treated with localized treatment.

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