Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is such a disease that can occur to any individual. The medical experts till today could not specify the age group of occurrence. They could not either successfully reduce the chances of occurrence because every year the statistics of cancer patients is increasing. Skin cancer is not as harmful as the other types of cancers. The cancerous cells usually affect the other normal cells and impair the normal functioning of the organs. Hence cancer spreads to the other organs also. But a patient suffering from skin cancer does not face the same hazard. But yet a person experiences a very discomfort feeling because the skin is of the body is affected. The skin cancer is divided into two types. The type of skin depends upon the origination of the cells. In the United States the incidence has become so high that almost 1 million of the people are prone to skin cancer every year.

The symptoms of the cancers are usually not noted earlier. Initially, the cancer grows is the form of precancerous lesions known as dysplasia. This tumor is not a cancer but later on it develops cancerous cells within them. These tumors are actually benign in nature and the treatment of the tumors is also easy. But in case, they are neglected for a long period of time they becomes malignant. when the cancer has developed then it spreads to the other organs and affects the normal functioning of the skin.

There are three main categories of skin cancer. They are Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and melanoma. Melanoma occurs rarely and the rate of occurrence of BCC and SCC is 90% of the total cancers. These two types do not spread to the other organs thus impairing their normal functioning. But melanoma has the property of metastazing. Metastazing means spreading of the cancerous cells to the other organs. When SCC is caused then outer lining of the elliptical cells is affected. The BCC and SCC both the diseases are treated in the same way. Melanoma, as the disease is severe compared to the two diseases, it is treated with chemotherapy techniques because the disease is often spread to the other cells.

Like the other cancers, one should be aware of the skin cancer symptoms and hence we can start the treatment as early as possible. Till today, no one knows the exact symptoms that can be noticed before the occurrence of skin cancer, but factors like hereditary, earlier skin cancers can cause cancer easily. One should be aware of these factors. If somebody from the family is already suffering from skin cancer then the other members should take care of. The skin cancer originates from the moles of the skin that is known as dysplastic nevi. The disease is more easily caused to people who are aged. Now-a-days due to the sun exposure and the high level of radiation released by the sun or UV factors skin cancer can be caused very easily. One should avoid the sun burns or apply ointments that protect you from the harmful radiations of the sun.

But yet, the organizations such as WHO are taking steps to reduce the chances of these cancers. In this way, the people all over the world are becoming aware of the spread of the disease. If a person has any doubt regarding his skin problem, he must immediately visit the doctor and take treatments as frequently as possible.

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