Causes of Skin Cancer

Causes of Skin Cancer

The causes of other types of cancers are totally unknown. But the cause of skin cancer can be detected easily. People who are continuously exposed to the harmful radioactive substances or harmful ultraviolet or infrared rays are prone to skin cancer easily. Usually the workers who continuously work in polluted environment damage the quality of their skin within a shorter period of time. Hence due to the continuous deposits of dirt on the body the texture of the skin is deteriorated. Many expert researchers have successfully researched the harmful effects of harmful radiations on the skin. Hence everybody should become aware about the root causes of skin cancer. Following are the factors that result in skin cancer:

a. Ultra Violet Radiations:

The ozone layer that prevents the earth from extreme climatic conditions is already punctured slightly. Due to the ecological imbalance in the earth, people are easily affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. but even when there is ecological imbalance and continuous exposure of the sun rays the skin is deteriorated and hence you become easily prone to skin cancer. You must be careful not to absorb sunlight too often.

b. x-rays.

X-rays contain some radioactive substances that weaken the skin cells. In this way x-rays also cause skin cancer. Frequent x-rays causes serious health hazards to his skin.

c. immunosupression:

The immune system that is present in our body fights against the foreign agents that attack the foreign elements that penetrate into the body. But if the immune system is weakened then the harmful foreign substances easily enter into our body and even if you are exposed to the ultraviolet radiations for a shorter time then you may become prone to skin cancer.

d. Contact with chemicals:

Now-a-days due to the growth of hard industries many people become exposed to harmful chemicals in their day to-day life. Some of the harmful chemicals which are released by the industries are hydrocarbons, arsenic etc. the skin is basically sensitive to these chemicals and causes reactions. This case is very common with people working with tar. As the skin undergoes chemical changes it develops cancer due to carcinogenic effect.

There are many other ill-effects of cancer:

a. people who already have had skin disorders continuously and persistently have had their skin cells weakened and hence they develop skin cancer easily.

b. If a person has already suffered from skin cancer earlier and has been treated has his skin cells weakened and he develops skin cancer easily.

c. A person should be careful if his family members have already suffered from this disease earlier.

d. If a person has dysplastic mole in his skin, then he develops the disease easily.

e. Experts have proved that people with fair skin develop skin cancer easily.

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