What Are the Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

What Are the Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer Detection

Just imagine that you went to your doctor for your annual checkup. She checked you completely, and then decided that you needed a mammogram. Your first horrified thought is, “Oh no, why is she asking for an x-ray of my breast? Can it be breast cancer?” But one need not worry. Breast cancer is curable, like any other cancer, if detected in time. So you would want to look for the early symptoms of cancer, which might have been detected during your monthly breast self-examination in which you looked carefully at your breasts to detect any unusual symptoms.

This mere thought of one suffering from breast cancer can be terrifying in itself. It means future surgery, possible death, and loss of one’s sexual allure. This terrifying image and dim future prospect of this cancerous form is the reason why many women overlook the possibility of their suffering from breast cancer. And that is the reason why many women of the age group 20 — 40 do not go for a possible cure, even though the symptoms are present.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Your doctor may have recommended a mammogram for possible cancer detection, because she (or you), noticed these symptoms and changes in the breast.

Did you suddenly find a hard yet painless lump in the breast tissue? Breast cancer may possibly not show any symptoms overtly and you might find the lump to be really small to be detected by your fingers. That was while you are doing a self-examination of your breasts by yourself before you went to the doctor for possible ratification of your suspicions. Besides, it is not paining you, is it? It is only a mammogram, which can detect abnormal areas present in the breast. and this is going to lead to future and further testing. These lumps in the breast can be hard, yet painless; on the other hand, you might notice that the lumps are rounded, soft and tender. Whatever forms a lump takes, it needs to be checked up thoroughly and immediately by the doctor. You definitely do not want to disregard the warning signs of breast cancer.

Now, here are some common symptoms of breast cancer.

Did you notice a lumpy growth in your breast or under the armpits?
Do you find some swelling, which was not explained in the breast area?
Did you notice that the color of the skin around the nipples or on the breast had changed to red? Did you notice some abnormal puffiness and scaliness in the region around your nipple?
Did you find an unexplained lump under the underarm?
Do you find your breasts or your nipples paining with no perceptible cause or reason?
You might also be a little worried about some particular area of your breast swelling up. You may have also noticed some slight irritation in the skin and a discharge coming out from the nipple. These are all common symptoms, which may presage the initial presence of cancer. Other symptoms include pain in the nipple and in the breast area, and the nipple turning inwards.
Go and see a doctor immediately if you find the area around the nipple growing thick and red. Some patients also noticed scaliness of the skin in the nipple area. They went to the doctor immediately and got a mammogram done. They are now being treated successfully with the help of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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