Five Kinds of Skin Cancer

Five Kinds of Skin Cancer

Learn self-examination of skin cancer, as a way to protect
yourself, that is easy and costs you nothing more than a few
minutes of your time once every few months.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject
of skin cancer. What you learn may give you the confidence you
need to spot, the first signs of skin cancer.

There are five different kinds of skin cancer. All of them are
dangerous though some are to be worried about more than others.
The most common type of skin cancer is Basal cell carcinoma with
over a million Americans developing this cancer each year.

Seventy five percent of all skin cancers treated are of this
variety. This type of skin cancer is believed by physicians to be
caused by a person spending too much time in the sun. Which is
why this type of skin cancers tends to be found ion the more
common places on the body that has sun exposure. This includes
the face, scalp, and upper torso.

Although they have more than one form basal cell carcinoma often
begins like a shiny bump. It takes the form of a sore that does
not heal or that heals and then becomes unhealthy looking once
again. These are slow growing; rarely spreading to other parts of
the body but still must be attended to quickly.

At least two hundred thousand Americans yearly are treated for
Squamous cell carcinoma, this is the second most common and
accounts for twenty percent of the cases of skin cancer. This one
is also blamed on too much sun but is more common among middle
aged and the elderly.

They first appear as a crusty spot, but one with that appears
reddened and irritated looking and does look very much like a
small growth or boil. If you notice something that looks like
this go immediately to your health care provider as Squamous cell
carcinoma can spread to other parts of your body.

The next in line is the most dangerous of the skin cancers. That
one is Melanoma and it affects four percent of those who are
treated for skin cancers. It is considered the most dangerous
because it is the most lethal.

Although if found early the cure rate is a stunning ninety five
percent effective. But once it begins its spread there is very
little hope. So if you see changes to a mole or a new mole,
especially if you are over thirty, see your health care provider

The remaining one percent if divided between Paget,s disease and
Kaposi,s sarcoma. Paget,s occurs because of cancers in the sweat
glands of the intestines, genitals or urinary tract and so the
cancer shows up in the genital area or around the anus.

It can also come out around the nipples because of cancer of the
milk ducts though both men and women can have this problem. The
sores look a like normal patchy skin, rashes, and can be very
itchy or even painful. A biopsy is usually needed to determine if
its just a skin condition or its Paget,s. Kaposi,s sarcoma is an
AIDS related skin cancer related to herpes.

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