Stomach Cancer Symptoms

Stomach Cancer Symptoms

Stomach cancer is caused whenever an ulcer or tumor/lump forms in the inner side of the stomach walls. In many cases, it happens that the cancerous cells make their base in the stomach without even giving any hint of a physical tumor. This is why stomach cancer is not always detected in time.

Initially, the cancer stays well within the bounds of the stomach. Slowly, but surely, it will spread to other regions that are in close proximity to the stomach.

The many types of stomach cancers are usually categorized on basis of their place of origin. Different types:

* Lymphomas – In this type of stomach cancer, the lymphatic systems gets affected first and hence it is known so.
* Carcinoid tumor – Here, the first target of the cancerous cells is the neuroendocrine system.
* Carcinomas – There is a certain cell present in the lining of the stomach. It is known as squamous. Carcninomas cancer begins in this cell.
* Sarcomas – This cancer affects the stomach’s muscle layer

Doctors have yet been unable to identify the exact reasons behind the increasing cancer cases. However, over the period, they have identified certain elements which may contribute to stomach cancer:

* Chain smoking.
* Obesity.
* Consumption of excessive red meat and salt.
* Excessive alcoholic consumption.
* Frequent acid reflux.
* Hereditary.
* Being male.
* Patients are generally above the age of 60.
* Majority of patients had the blood group A.

In general, there have been fewer cases of women being diagnosed with stomach cancer and more cases of men.

Initial stage symptoms:

* Problems in swallowing.
* A person doesn’t feel hungry most of the time and whenever he/she does, even eating in small quantities makes the person feel bloated and uncomfortable.
* A person feels under the weather most of the time and doesn’t feel up to any physical task.
* Post a meal, the person gets uncomfortable and faces heartburn.
* Pain in the stomach.

Symptoms observed in the advanced stages:

* Bloody coughing.
* Loss of weight.
* The person excretions are dark in color.
* A lump, which is actually the tumor, may be felt in the stomach of the patient.

One thing to keep in mind is that these symptoms, though observed in patients diagnosed with stomach cancer, are in no way sufficient enough for a self-diagnosis. It may be the signs of a completely different disease and if you observe any of these symptoms, the hospital is the first place to go to.

As with other types of cancer, the treatments for stomach cancer are chemotherapy, surgery, biological therapy and radiotherap

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