Stomach Cancer Survival Rates – Know Your Survival Chances

Stomach Cancer Survival Rates – Know Your Survival Chances

A stomach cancer survival rate is the percentage of patients who were able to survive 5 years or more after they were diagnosed with the cancer. Most survival percentage reports are based on the cancer stages and the same goes for stomach cancer. Sometimes, a patient gets confused with these cancer survival percentage charts because sometimes the doctor may tell them the percentage of survival based on studies conducted on a large scale of people instead of the survival rate of the patient himself.

As a patient, you must know that a doctor may never be able to predict your life expectancy after your diagnosis is confirmed. Therefore, asking for your survival rate may be a bit awkward and appropriate. However, they may give you their honest opinion. When you ask for the percentage of survival with this type of cancer, your doctor will give you an answer based on statistical reports. And usually, they prefer giving the answer depending on the stage of cancer you’re currently into.

Basically, there are 4 stages of stomach cancer. But since stages 1-2 have 2 phases under each stage and stage 3 has 3 phases, it actually looks like the whole cancer development has 8 phases in total, with each phase having different Stomach Cancer Survival Rate.

Cancer, in general, has the highest rate of survival at the earliest stage and will then dramatically lower as the cancer progresses towards a more severe stage. In the case of cancer of the stomach, the earliest stage is Stage 1A. A report released by the National Cancer Institute’s SEER database shows Stomach Cancer Survival Rates in accordance to their corresponding stage and phase.

The percentage of survival for any types of cancer is measured either in a 10 year or a 5 year period but more researchers are using the latter. The statistical report shown below is derived from the study conducted by the National Cancer Institute in the US from the years 1991 to 2001. The people studied are those with stomach cancers who have been given treatment including surgery.

In a 5 year time period, the Stomach Cancer Survival Rate in 5 years after being diagnosed with gastric cancer are as follows:

• 71% of patients suffering from Stage 1A survived
• 57% of patients suffering from Stage 1B survived
• 45% of patients suffering from Stage 2A survived
• 33% of patients suffering from Stage 2B survived
• 20% of patients suffering from Stage 3A survived
• 14% of patients suffering from Stage 3B survived
• 9% of patients suffering from Stage 3C survived
• 4% of patients suffering from Stage 4 survived

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