Stomach Cancer Survival Rate

Stomach Cancer Survival Rate

The earth is a great source of every need of every creature that inhabits it. From the seas to the land, there is adequate nourishment to fill up every possible need of the person or creature in the place it lives on. Every living organism in our planet greatly depends on food and water. Without any source of nourishment, all these creatures, including us, will struggle to function properly. A man cannot think and work properly without eating and may give out a poor performance in his line of work. The stomach is responsible for digesting the food we eat. Without it we cannot convert food into our source of energy. There is a possibility that malignant cancer cells can grow in our stomach without knowing it. Survival rate for this kind of cancer is very slim if detected in a stage 4 and the chance of detecting it is very hard for the early stages.

Stomach cancer survival rate for stage one can be very high. The only problem in stomach cancer is, it is very hard to be diagnosed that’s the reason why sometimes when stomach cancer is found, most of them are at the later stages already. Stage 2 stomach cancer survival rates is still pretty good at 56% chances of survival while at stage 3 there are only a third or 38 percent chances that the person will surpass 5 years.

Difficulty in detection has been the problem in with this type of cancer. Stomach cancer survival rate should have been easy if it could be detected early like any other cancer tumors. Since the body greatly depends on the stomach’s capability to transfer nutrients from the food we eat, if a terminal disease like cancer affects the stomach, it would be very difficult for us to be treated in the further stages. We just take it to our mind that any discomfort in any part of our body that repeats itself may be a huge difference than just letting it go. We should go to the doctor immediately if we find some abnormalities in our body since early detection may lead to longer life for anybody who has cancer.

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