Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies For Breast Cancer

Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer if detected earlier can be cured easily. Now most breast cancer victims are cured with out necessarily removing their breast.

When cells in our breast begins to grow uncontrollably and keeps spreading, causing damage to all the tissues surrounding it, this is most likely to be breast cancer. This uncontrollably growth is generalized as tumor. Tumor is not the same as cancer. A tumor can be benign, pre-malignant or malignant. By definition, cancer is a malignant tumor. Cancerous tumors can cause so much damage to the body.

It takes a while for tumors to grow. The best treatment for breast cancer is early detection. Cancerous tumors may sometimes be difficult to detect in its early stage during self examination, but always easily to detected by the help of mammograms.

It is advice that all women of age 20 and above should make it a point to start performing Breast Self Examination-(BSE) at least once a month. You get the best results from BSE if you perform it a few days after your menstruation. BSE is known to be a very easy way of detecting cancer. Besides BSE, you need to visit the clinic for a more thorough breast examination at least once a year. This has very helpful in cases where cancerous tumors cannot be determined by BSE.

While performing your BSE, these are some of the signs you should look out for:

– Do you find any lump in and around the nipple or underarm
– Do you see any change in the size or shape of your breast?
– Is there any nipple discharge?
– Is your nipple turning inward?
– Is there any redness of skin or warmth?
– do you see any formation of dimple or change in skin texture?

Here we look at some of the causes of having breast cancer:

Gender: Some men do suffer from breast cancer but in very rare cases, majority of breast cancer victims are women. So as a women you are more like to be affect by this disease.

Age: Statistics shows that women in their old ages are at risk more that younger women. Usually it starts at age 40.

Family history: You may have a high chance of suffering from breast if somebody in your family has suffered it before.

Alcohol: Alcohol drinking can escalate your likelihood of breast cancer

Being overweight or obese: People who are obese also have a higher chance of breast cancer especially after menopause. This means that anything that leads you into becoming obese is indirectly a contributing factor to a higher chance of suffering from breast cancer, for this reason lack of exercise can contribute to breast cancer.

If you find out that you are at risk of suffering from breast cancer you can prevent it by the following approaches:

-Become a vegetarian

-Eat a lot of organic food and vegetables

-Stop eating red meat and processed foods

– Stop consuming alcohol and colas

– Use Stevia, as a substitute to any artificial sweetener

-Consume more food with good source of fiber. Oatmeal, Kamut, Psyllium and other whole grains are good examples.

– Wheat, bran and Cabbage help to prevent breast cancer and very nutritious, so your diet must include a lot of such foods

– Some of the highest cancer fighting nutrients can be found in Garlic, carrots, ginger, parsnip, celery, cilantro and parsley so make sure to include them in all your daily diet.

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