Effective Healing Techniques – Stomach Cancer Alternative Treatment

Effective Healing Techniques – Stomach Cancer Alternative Treatment

This is caused due to the formation of cancer cells on the outer surface of stomach, which has the tendency to spread into nearby organs like intestine, pancreas and esophagus. Through blood it can also spread to the liver, lungs and other organs. Through the lymphatic system it can also spread to the lymph nodes. It is caused due to consumption of toxic food substances and failure to follow a proper and healthy diet. The symptoms include:

Loss of appetite
Pain in the abdomen
Nausea and vomiting
Bloating of stomach after consumption of lunch
Loss of body weight
Bleeding (Usually vomiting of blood, which leads to anemia) and
Gastric ulcer
Usually CT scans, Gastroscopic examination and Upper GI series are performed on the stomach detection of cancers. The biopsy is sent for pathological verification to confirm whether it is cancer or not. The standard treatment types available are surgery, radiation therapy, multimodality therapy, biological therapy and chemotherapy. The various stomach cancer alternative treatment aids in alleviating the pain, stress, retard or control growth of cancerous cells and minimize its side-effects. They are listed out below:
Sound and light waves are used to kill the cancer causing cells in stomach
Nutrition supplements rich in vitamins, antioxidants, green tea, vegetables, organic fruits, parsleys, proteins, cereals, sprout seeds, grains, grape seed extract, etc are given to patients. They are made to drink large quantities of water.
Herbal medicines provide the best ways to cure cancer with minimal or no side-effects.
Mind body medicine techniques lay emphasis on on command of thoughts and emotions in a positive manner, to maintain sound health. This involves meditation, hypnosis and biofeedback technique and much more.
Physical therapy techniques like massage therapy, reflexologies are used to ease the pains through manipulative techniques on the affected parts, through controlled movements, bending, stretching exercises and postures etc.
Visualization techniques are useful in offering peace to mind by the way of imagining beautiful natural sceneries, arts, pictures etc.
Energy medicine: This technique stresses that forceful energy fields are used for wellness and curative therapies. Reiki, tai-chi and therapeutic touch are some of the common methods.
Whole medical systems: These are the various systems that have been evolved over time and are culturally based. Acupuncture (Chinese based), Ayurveda (Indian based which involves herbs, massage and yoga); western medical systems like Homeopathy and naturopathy are some of the types of medical systems.

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