Stomach Cancer Symptoms – What to Look For and How it is Diagnosed

Stomach Cancer Symptoms – What to Look For and How it is Diagnosed
This disease is regarded as one of the most severe types as it has claimed thousands of lives in the United States alone every year. Although frightening, this should be enough of a cause to keep yourself alert when it comes to indications of stomach cancer symptoms. It’s the second most common type, trailing closely behind the lung variety.

Most symptoms actually bear strong resemblance to those of a hiatal hernia or peptic ulcer. This can start out with stomach pains that are only aggravated by food, along with heartburn, indigestion, and nausea. Of course, at this point, most of these symptoms are easily dismissed and can sometimes be momentarily remedied by an antacid. The only bad thing about this is that this sort of reaction only leads to delaying a routine check up, and can leave the tumor to wreak havoc.

A loss of appetite or feeling full even after a small meal can also be placed under stomach cancer symptoms. Along with this can come upper abdominal pains, weight loss, and the actual bloating of the stomach after meals. In more extreme cases, vomiting blood or blood being found in the feces can also occur. This isn’t usually the rich red colored fresh blood, but dark blood. If left unattended over a certain period of time, this could lead to anemia.

Although some of these symptoms can also be symptoms of a stomach virus or gastric ulcer, if you have even the slightest feeling that it could be cancerous, then go to your doctor. This will require an examination both from a gastroenterologist and an oncologist.

The risk of acquiring these stomach cancer symptoms becomes significantly higher when things like age begin to factor in. This disease is more common amongst people close to the age of sixty. Gender can also come into play as men are more likely to develop it than women. A diet that primarily consists of salty food prepared by smoking or curing is also something to take note off. Smoking can also trigger it since every time you inhale, you end up swallowing a small amount of tobacco smoke.

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