The Major Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

The Major Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer does not exhibit any signs at the beginning stages. Even if they do show any indications, the signs are indistinguishable and unfocussed like vomiting sensation or reduction in weight, loss of appetite, acidity and indigestion. These indications can be a sign of cancer, but can also be caused by other minor health issues like a virus or an ulcer.

The symptoms of stomach cancer in the later phases are:

Blood in the stool – this is a main indication of stomach-cancer even though you may not really identify blood that could be there in your stool. You can diagnose whether you are a victim with the aid of the fecal occult blood test.
Abdominal pain and Discomfort – This is normally one of the universal signs and is what instigates victims to go to a doctor. The pain can vary from just a slight pain to unbearable pain. It is usually crops up in the upper abdominal region.
Persistent Nausea and /or Vomitting – constant nausea and vomiting are another important symptom that may be a precursor to stomach-cancer. If you happen to be vomiting blood,you need to get medical attention immediately
Loss of Appetite – in case you do not feel like eating for more than a couple of days at a stretch, it can be serious and you have to see your doctor to get a check up done.
Weight Loss – majority of the people would be overjoyed to find them selves losing weight without even putting an effort to do so. But if you find that you have reduced around five percent of your normal body weight in about six months or less without even taking any weight loss measures, this may be a symptom of stomach cancer.
Abdominal Bloating – This is another very common indication of stomach-cancer. If you begin experiencing this symptom specially soon after you have just had a meal, you have to get immediate medical attention.

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