Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

We all know about the important function that our lungs perform i.e. absorption of oxygen into our blood and the expelling out of carbon dioxide into air. Lungs are a very critical organ of our body and lung cancer (or development of malignant cells in lungs) can really be life threatening.

Causes of lung cancer

Most people would know the primary cause of lung cancer (after all there is so much propaganda about what increases the risk of lung cancer the most). Yes, smoking tobacco is the main culprit behind lung cancer (or behind increasing the risk of lung cancer). Even passive smoking can slightly increase the risk of lung cancer. It’s unfortunate that even with all that propaganda and people knowing that smoking can cause lung cancer, people continue to smoke tobacco. People working in industries which involve extensive use of asbestos and other chemical substances/fumes are also at a greater risk of lung cancer.

Symptoms of lung cancer

Most of the symptoms of lung cancer are related to cough conditions. However, the difference is that lung cancer may lead to prolonged cough or blood coming out with cough. Chest infections, difficulty in breathing or a pain in breathing etc. are some of the symptoms of lung cancer. But again, the occurrence of such symptoms should not lead you to concluding that you have lung cancer. Only a qualified doctor through proper examination and tests can deduce whether you have lung cancer or not.

Diagnosis of lung cancer

When there are symptoms of lung cancer, the doctor might start with getting an x-ray and a sputum test done for you. CT scans and biopsies are other specialist means of diagnosing lung cancer. The diagnosis of lung cancer can be done quite definitively.

Treatment of lung cancer

As is the case with most types of cancer, the treatment of lung cancer is pretty much planned based on the type of lung cancer, its size, the stage of lung cancer and your general health. The main treatments of lung cancer include chemotherapy and radiotherapy (and the combination of both is usually used). Surgical procedures are also used in some cases but again the suitability of surgery is determined by the doctor on the basis of a number of other factors. So, the best thing to do is avoid smoking and cut down your risk of lung cancer.

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