Breast Examination Helps Prevents Breast Cancer

Breast Examination Helps Prevents Breast Cancer

Most people think that breast cancer only strike those who are older. It is true that the older you are the more likely you are to get breast cancer but the younger you are (if you get breast cancer) it can be fatal. If you get breast cancer when you are younger chances are you may die from it.

Could it happen to you?

No women want to hear the words … “You have got Breast Cancer”.

You definitely look better having two breasts. And if you look better and feel better you will definitely live better. Thus we have to learn how to improve our odds of not having cancer at all.
Breast Cancer

1. Most common form of cancer in women – more than 30% of the cancers.
2. In the US, I out of 8 women will be diagnosed as having breast cancer. In Canada 1 out of 17. And in Malaysia 1 out of 14.
3. 85% have no family history of breast cancer.
4. 2nd only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death.

Prevention is the best option. It’s for yourself and the people you care about.

Prevention of breast cancer is also applicable to other forms of cancer.

Managing your risk of Breast Cancer – 3 Step Process

1. Prevention (Best)
2. Early detection (Best Alternative)

If you do step (1) chances are low that you will not get cancer. If you do step (2) you may survive.
Prevention of Breast Cancer

1. Maintain BMI below 25 – maintain a healthy body weight.
2. Reduce alcohol consumption.
3. Stop smoking.
4. Take a blood or lymphatic cleanser.
5. Take Phytoestrogens
6. Take Whole Food Antioxidants.
7. Take B-complex vitamins.
8. Take Fiber Supplement (25 gm per day)
9. Avoid HRT.

Your goal is to stay healthy – by Prevention. Fibre, Antioxidants and Glucarate – all helps to prevent breast cancer.

Early Detection

1. Monthly Breast Self-examination starting at age 20.
2. Clinical Breast Examination every 3 years from age (20-39)
3. Annual mammogram starting at age 40

Why Early Detection?

The difference between a 1 cm (about the size of a blueberry) and a 2cm tumour (about the size of a cherry) is several years worth of growth and several million cancer cells. A woman do not die from breast cancer. It’s when it spreads to other vital organs that death occur.

Nobody wants to hear the words – “You’ve got cancer”. However, early detection when it is still small is okay. Better not to have cancer. But if you have it, better to find it when small.

Reasons not wanting to do a Breast Self-Examination.

* It takes time
* Lack of confidence
* Fear

Are the above reasons or excuses? Most people don’t do it even though they know how to do it. In most lumps detected 80% is not cancer and 20% will be cancer.

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