Curaderm B-5 Eggplant: An Alternative Cure for Skin Cancer

Curaderm B-5 Eggplant: An Alternative Cure for Skin Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer infects more than one million people yearly. Though skin cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer, people die because of lack of knowledge or late treatment.

Skin cancer can be treated through chemotherapy, radiation technology or surgery. However, these treatments – though highly successful – tend to pose negative effects, such as weakening of the body’s immune system which often leads to other sicknesses. Due to these side effects, scientists have sought for less invasive cures for skin cancer and thus, the Curaderm B-5 eggplant was developed.

Curaderm B-5 is a cream discovered by biochemist Dr. Bill Cham. According to Dr. Cham, using the cream is as good as undergoing surgery without the untoward after effects.

The main ingredient of B-5 is solsaodine glycoside, a substance which can be extracted from eggplants. The cream has successfully cured 95% of patients inflicted with both squamous and basal skin cancers. However, for melanoma skin cancer – the most fatal type of skin cancer – the effect of Curaderm B-5 is still under study. Melanoma cancer cells spread quickly into the bloodstream and other parts of the body while non-melanoma cancer mutates slowly and often times only stays within the skin cells. Up to date, it is still a question if the glycosides in B-5 can reach beyond the skin cells. The very few cases of melanoma also hinder the progress of researches because of lack of subjects. B-5 can also be used to treat Sarcoma; nonetheless this curative property has only been observed in laboratory mice and is yet to be tested in humans.

Unlike the conventional treatment methods, Curaderm B-5 will only eliminate the cancer cells without damaging the nearby healthy cells. Once the solsaodine glycosides enter the skin, they search for the damaged cells and the core of the cancer. They then trigger apoptosis or self-destruction of the cancer cells. After the apoptosis, new cells are formed and the infected tissues are replaced with new, normal ones.

Curaderm B-5 has been studied for more than 25 years and has been tested to skin cancer patients in the United Kingdom and Australia. Results revealed the cream doesn’t cause any harmful effects to the human body. The patients also didn’t develop immunity to B-5 even with continuous application.

It is important to note that to achieve positive results from the B-5 treatment; one must follow the prescribed dosage religiously. Failure of doing so will simply render the treatment useless. It is recommended to apply the cream three times a day until the ailment subsides. A regular 20mL bottle of B-5 can already be used to cure two large non-melanoma tumors. Treatment is longer depending on the stage of the cancer. A patient may also notice lesions on his skin after application but this isn’t a negative sign. Actually, the lesions signify inflammation of the tissues and inflammation only occurs when a number of cells have died. This means the apoptosis of the cancer cells have started. The lesions will eventually cease and will not cause the patient severe pain or scars.

Curaderm B-5 is indeed a good alternative treatment for skin cancer. Perhaps one of these days, the components of the cream can also be used to cure other types of cancer.

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