Wearing a Lung Cancer Ribbon Means a Lot

Wearing a Lung Cancer Ribbon Means a Lot

There are many famous and well-known people in different fields whose existence was shortened because of this no. 1 killer in many countries, lung cancer. One of Hollywood’s celebrities who were afflicted with this awful disease was John Wayne.

Statistics show that majority of those who have undergone such costly treatments such as chemotherapy did not survive. All through these years, funds have been raised to research new types of cancer treatment such as targeted therapies. This approach attacks only cancer cells. In Canada, a monotheraphy targeted treatment coined as Iresa has been granted conditional approval for the treatment of metastatic non small cell lung cancer.

Not many people are aware that November is officially Lung Cancer Awareness Month. This is the month where concerts and fun run activities are held to raise funds and create awareness campaigns to bring attention about this type of cancer. More people die from this disease. One of the expressive ways people show their support to a cancer victim, fighter, survivor and their families is by wearing a lung cancer ribbon. Ribbons are the international symbol for awareness.

What is the color of the ribbon for lung cancer? The official color is pearl and clear is also regarded as a lung cancer color. Pearl and clear ribbons reflect the reality that this terrible disease can affect anybody even a non-smoker. They also symbolize hope that mankind has to continue fighting until the war against lung cancer is eventually won. These ribbons also represent clarity and clearness of lungs for everybody.

When you purchase these lung cancer ribbons or any lung cancer items from non profit groups like a key chain magnet, a portion is donated to cancer research and to some charitable organizations helping cancer victims, survivors and their families. Even though the cost of these gift items is only a small amount, when people, thru social networking, blogs, forums, emails and SMS strive to urge their families and friends to purchase these cancer ribbons, figures multiply and the funds raised go a long way really! Once you get excited and dedicated to this cause maybe not only of lung cancer but for all types of cancers, your support will create a domino or chain reaction effect.

If you start sharing the “buy a lung cancer ribbon” campaign thru the social media and thru video campaigns in You Tube, some celebrities from Hollywood or Bollywood in the entertainment industry and some celebrities from the sports world may be impacted by your passionate drive and join you in the campaign. They may start purchasing ribbons by the thousands and start handing them out to their fans. Or they may organize mall show concerts urging people to show their support by wearing the ribbon on their upper left hand side.

In the web, there is one site which focuses on marketing different types of cancer ribbons they call Hope products. These products are creatively designed to inspire, create awareness, to encourage healthy people and provide strength to those suffering from lung cancer syndrome together with their circles of influence to wear the ribbons everyday not only during the month of November.

You can choose their cancer specially gifts like ribbon pins, ribbon appliqu├ęs, car ribbon magnets, ribbon of hope pins, and ribbon key chains. Other support items are wristbands, car magnets, bracelets, caps and much more. Take advantage of their Bulk Pricing on many items. These items are excellent to promote and market for benefits, fundraisers, or giveaways!

You can visit their website, ChooseHope and browse their online catalog. Your purchase helps to fund cancer research. Just recently, they were able to donate $16,000 divided among Mayo Clinic, Gateway for Cancer Research and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Browse the About Us section to check on the personal stories of the people behind that date back to their first exposure to cancer and the changes in their lives. They experience the cancer world differently and from that starting point, they built an organization that offers hope, laughter, faith, positive attitude, and healing while at the same time making donations to cancer research facilities nationwide. So, do something, even the mere act of wearing a lung cancer ribbon can mean much and can make a big difference until the war against this awful disease is finally over!

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