Eat Cabbage Diet Soup to Help Prevent Stomach Cancer

Eat Cabbage Diet Soup to Help Prevent Stomach Cancer

Studies show that our diet can have an important impact on our body’s ability to fight cancer. Certain foods help the body get rid of harmful compounds that otherwise can cause disease and illness. A recent study done by the Department of Preventative Medicine at Hengyang University in Korea shows how Cabbage Diet Soup can help prevent stomach cancer. The study included 136 healthy people and 136 patients with stomach cancer.

Koreans eat kimchi (a lightly pickled vegetable) for every meal. They even eat it for breakfast. It can be made with cucumbers, radishes, turnips, perilla leaves or cabbage. The research showed that the kimchi made with cabbage had more anti-cancer compounds than any other types. It was especially helpful as a preventative for stomach cancer; however it also helps in preventing lung cancer and breast cancer.

The study compared the diets of the two groups and these are the results.

Cancer Patients Diet:

Grilled Beef
Radish Kimchi
Salty Stew made with Pollack (ocean fish)
Spinach Kimchi

Healthy Subjects Diet:

Soybean Milk
Cabbage Diet Soup

How Cabbage Diet Soup Protects the Body from Cancer

Cabbage when cooked properly provides some beneficial nutrients to the body. These compounds are called glucosinolates. Theses compounds work to prevent the liver from making the harmful carcinogenic compounds it sometimes does. They are therefore not sent back into the body. The key to having these beneficial glucosinolates in the body is to reduce the amount of time the cabbage is cooked.

Cooking Instructions to Retain the Valuable Nutrients for Cabbage Diet Soup

Cook and prepare your soup broth without the cabbage in it. Bring the broth to a boil and when it is almost ready, you can put the raw cabbage into the broth. Turn the heat down. Just steam the cabbage for 2 or 3 minutes so that it is soft. If you boil the cabbage for more than 2 minutes you will destroy up to 50% of the beneficial nutrients in it. That is why the preparation is very important.

Additional Anti-Cancer Benefits of Cabbage Diet Soup

Cabbage has a lot of fiber in it. If it is prepared properly, as described, your body will receive additional benefits. The liver expels excess hormones like estrogen and testosterone in the bile. If you eat the soup everyday, the fiber will catch the bile in the liver and expel it in your stool rather than letting it go back into your bloodstream. This is another major benefit. You should eat one bowl of the cabbage soup with each meal to protect yourself. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of the cabbage diet soup is not to overcook the cabbage. The less you cook it the more nutrients you will get from it.

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