Treating & Surviving Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Treating & Surviving Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Despite what you may have heard about stage 4 stomach cancer, it can actually be successfully treated given the advancements in medicine today. If you had been diagnosed with the disease just 50 years ago, your worrying would have been justified. However, surviving it is a real possibility today and this article will show you how.

The most common treatment of this type and stage of cancer is by far surgery. This involves the manual removal of the infected parts of the stomach and in medical terms, this is called subtotal gastrectomy. However, in stage 4 the surgeon may decide to remove your whole stomach as well as your spleen and possibly parts of your small intestine.

Following surgery, you will undergo some tests to see how much of the cancer has been removed and whether you will need to proceed to the next treatment which is typically chemotherapy. These drugs aim to kill the cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying. There are many ways doctors introduce the drugs, whether it be via the mouth, spine or even organs.

Between these 2 treatments, it is also common for doctors to prescribe some palliative therapy which is therapy aimed at reducing the pain caused by the symptoms. For example, the tumour may already be so large that it blocks the passage of food through your body. In the case, action will be taken to remove the obstruction.

To conclude, you should never lose hope that you will survive this stage of the disease because there is so much technology around us that can treat your condition. Read up some more on stage 4 stomach cancer to find out about all the possibilities available to you.

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