Study Shows Broccoli Sprouts May Help Prevent Stomach Cancer

Study Shows Broccoli Sprouts May Help Prevent Stomach Cancer

A recent study has shown that consuming broccoli sprouts in our daily diets, may possibly prevent stomach ulcers, H pylori infections and cancer. H pylorus is an infection that can lead to stomach cancer.

Broccoli sprouts are available food that contains sulforaphane, a natural biochemical that acts as an antibiotic that produces enzymes that protect the gastric organs against inflammation, and damaging chemicals.

According to Jed Fahey, a research associate at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, in a recent Japanese study a small group of people had their H. pylori levels measured. The levels were measured using serum, breath and stool tests. This was an 8 week study where half the group was given 70 grams of broccoli sprouts uncooked to eat and the other half of the group were given alfalfa sprouts, which does not contain the biochemical sulforaphene.

The H. pylori levels were retested at four weeks and then again at the end of the eight weeks. According to the measurements the small group that had broccoli in their daily diets had 40% less H. pyloric levels and the small group that had ate alfalfa sprouts, their measurements had remained the same. Jed Fahey stated earlier in a news release that they now know that consuming a couple ounces of broccoli sprouts a day will produce protective enzymes to suppress the infection. They aren’t too sure if it will prevent stomach cancer, but since the H. pylori infection levels had been reduced, it is likely that it will reduce the chances of getting ulcers, gastritis and cancer.

Eight weeks after the study was conducted the group of people that ate the broccoli sprouts, had the levels of H pylori remeasured and their levels had gone back to the same level as before pre-treatment. This shows that the broccoli sprouts can help suppress the H. pylori infection levels, but won’t completely diminish it.

This experiment was also used on H. pylori infected mice for an eight week study, and the results showed less inflammation of the stomach and active enzymes protecting against any type of damage to the cells. These mice were drinking broccoli sprout smoothies.

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