Can Garlic and Onions Help Protect Against Stomach Cancer?

Can Garlic and Onions Help Protect Against Stomach Cancer?

Both garlic and onions come from the allicin family of plants. This allicin compound within garlic has anti-fungal properties and has been known to treat infections of the skin like athlete’s foot and acne among other things like helping with the lowering of high cholesterol levels. It has also been used to repel mosquitoes believe it or not.

Some say that allicin may be the most effective compound medicinally providing the greatest apparent benefits to our health.

In the same family as garlic as well as shallots, leeks scallions and chives onions have an abundance of sulfides and other odor causing sulfur compounds. Not quite as potent as garlic onions have about one quarter the level of sulfur compounds but are still very effective against many bacteria.

As we know, these potent vegetables also have their place at the dinner table enhancing the flavor of our foods. But, are they actually strong enough and capable of protecting us from cancers?

The documentation of a massive European study says that garlic and onions may help protect against stomach cancer. This research observed over five thousand people the average age of 52. It is said that this study was the largest study on fruit and vegetable consumption and the first to look at this serious disease in this special way.

People within the study were followed up for six and a half years and one hundred cases of esophagus cancer and 400 cases of gastric cancer were reported. From these reports it was determined that there was a thirty percent decrease in intestinal gastric cancer from the people who increased or ate 10 more grams of onions and garlic per day then those who did not.

Research has also been done in the U.S. therefore; the European study was not the first time showing that onions have been linked to certain types of cancers and their reduction of it. This American research reported that the extracts from an onion actually inhibited the growth of colon and liver cancers in some special types of studies done.

There was also another large study in the U.S. of forty one thousand women in their middle ages. They looked at the garlic consumption of these women and found that there was a thirty five percent reduction, or lower risk of getting cancer of the colon when more garlic was consumed.

So, clearly we see that garlic and onions or more specifically the sulfur compound allicin within these God given vegetables are super potent properties we should be including in our every day diet pl

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