Can the Incidence of Cancer Be Reduced With Change of Lifestyle?

Can the Incidence of Cancer Be Reduced With Change of Lifestyle?


There is a saying that cancer is curable only when diagnosed earlier. In the later stage, the cancer cells from the source become mobile and move to other places in the body through the blood stream. The Oncologists call this stage as metastasis. When it happens, other regions in the body also get equally affected, sealing the way for complete recovery of from it. The physicians would not be able to find the source of the disease as it has spread to more than one place. In such cases, the complete cure is just not possible, with the person succumbing to the secondary infections very easily. The fact of the matter is that the cancer does not kill the hosts on its own. On the other hand, the secondary infections do kill them in most cases. The opportunistic infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis take the toll on the patients’ life.

Factors Precipitating Cancer in People

Given the gloomy scenario, what can we think of altogether to avoid the disease altogether? Do you know many of the types of cancer that occur in human beings happen due to a number of factors? The primary reason for its occurrence is the change in lifestyle and food habits. More youngsters start drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes as they consider them as the status symbols. Due to the sedentary lifestyle at the workplace and home, people tend to become more obese. Despite the change of lifestyle, people still eat a lot of junk and fried foods. Due to these adverse changes in the lifestyle, the cancers affecting the liver, womb, mouth and skin have arisen.

Methods to Beat Cancer

There is a silver lining in otherwise darker cloud that is hovering over the lives of people. If they are able to make small changes in their lifestyles and eating habits, the cancerous effects accumulating in the body slowly get reversed. Moreover, people need to start doing exercises. If the workouts are not planned, people should go for brisk walking or swimming to burn off extra calories stored in our body in the form of fats and fatty acids. In this short article, we would be looking at the methods to beat the cancer.

1. Have Beer: It is better to have small doses of bear to kill Helicobacter pylori that sometimes causes ulcer in the stomach, which may turn into stomach cancer if left untreated for a longer time period. However, consuming more of this beverage would also lead to mouth, stomach and liver cancers.

2. Keep Moving: In order to lessen the chances of getting cancer, we need to sit less and keep moving more. The risk of getting cancer in the womb, lungs and bowel increase as much as 10% in people who walk less and sit more during the course of the day for years.

3. Avoid Over Fried Food: When the food items are over fried, the constituents present in them get either charred to form carbonaceous particles or get changed into carcinogens. It is better to directly fry the food items in low flame for a lesser period to avoid the release of carcinogens.

4. Do Not Freeze Fruits: When fruits become cold, many cancer-fighting constituents in them become non-reactive biologically. Moreover, the amount of biological activity in frozen food is comparatively lesser than those seen in food kept at room temperature. Hence, avoid storing the food under frozen conditions.

5. Don’t Microwave Cook: It is better to avoid cooking using microwave device as it is thought to retain the electromagnetic radiation for a longer period of time. Hence, it is better to steam cook them for our safety before eating them. Moreover, the microwaves destroy Vitamin C and the flavinoids present in broccoli.

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