Discover How to Treat Skin Cancer at Home

Discover How to Treat Skin Cancer at Home

Townsville North Queensland Au. could be described as one of the most severe cities for attracting skin cancers from the harsh sunlight which prevails almost 300 days per year. Most people wear hats up here and always use sun cream protection when venturing out in the sun for any length of time.

So North Queenslanders are prone to attracting skin cancers in large numbers. Dr Broadbent has been a pioneer in researching the treatments for skin cancers over a 30 year period. In that time he has tried many different potions which he used for the chemical destruction of skin cancers. So it is no surprise that he has found an effective solution to treat them with 100% success rate over the last 20 years.

The symptoms of a skin cancer forming is a red blot on the skin with a tiny white skin or head forming in the centre in a dry form (not like a pimple with a soft centre). If you scratch this area you will feel pain in the immediate area.

The time to act is really up to you when you see that is forming into a skin cancer. I always paint mine as soon as I am satisfied that the mark is in fact a skin cancer. Time is not really an issue once you have the treatment paint on hand you can act whenever you see one forming.

To treat a sun cancer you first need to identify the exact spot. You will find a magnifying glass a help in locating them as they become more obvious when magnified. Normal vision with the naked eye is not sufficient to be able to see them clearly. Once you have located one use your finger nail to scratch the top and remove the top skin layer. If the spot starts to bleed then dry it off with a tissue before applying paint to it. By applying paint to an area with blood will only reduce the effectiveness of the paint.

The applicator that I use is created by taking a plastic shaft cotton bud, cut off one end near the cotton so as to leave one end with a clean cut off like a pipe on the end. The cotton bud pipe, when dipped into the special solution or paint as we refer to it, takes up a small amount of the paint, which you then apply directly onto the sun cancer spot. The paint in the bud shaft will transfer into the skin and go to work destructing the skin cancer.

The recipient will experience a sting feeling when the paint is applied but only lasts a minute or so. Do not put the cotton end into the paint, as the cotton soaks up too much paint and does not allow sufficient paint to transfer to the skin. The spot when you have applied the paint will go white immediately; this shows that the process is working.

This spot will turn into a brown scab and you will be able to scratch it off in a few days and all that will be visible will be a small pink spot where the skin cancer used to be. By treating skin cancers early you reduce the chance of them burrowing deeper into your system and developing into a more sinister problem.

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