Causes of Skin Cancer – How to Think Sun Smart For Skin Cancer Prevention

Causes of Skin Cancer – How to Think Sun Smart For Skin Cancer Prevention

The Causes Of Skin Cancer – How To Think Sun Smart

The primary or number on cause of skin cancer is UV exposure or sun exposure. The sun creates powerful radiation rays that can damage the skin over time. Contrary to what you might have heard about needing to have been sunburned to develop skin malignancies, this is only part of the story. You don’t need to have ever been sunburned during your life to develop this type of cancer. Being out in the sun on a regular basis causes changes in the skin that build up over your life time, and this is the cause of most skin malignancies.

The occurrences of skin malignancies especially melanoma have increased significantly since the 1070’s, whether this is because of more people living more active lifestyles, global warming, or other factors it is a frightening trend.

Tanning beds which artificially mimic the suns deadly UV rays are another cause of cancer. New studies show that a person’s risk of developing some forms of skin cancer soared upwards of 75 percent if they began using tanning beds for browning their skin before the age of 30. Secondary causes of skin cancer can be related to hereditary conditions that may run in families. This is not very common, but is due to the inheritance of abnormal genes.

Sun Smart Tips: Skin Cancer Prevention

Many people are exposed to ultraviolet rays on daily basis, and don’t really think much about it. You jump in your car to run an errand, go out to the mail box to get the mail, walk the dog, pull a few weeds in the yard, stand by the window talking on the phone in your house, and you can shake your head yes now, most of you don’t ever apply any sunscreen. These little daily doses of sun can really add up. That is not to say you should never go out in the sun, keep the drapes drawn, and garb yourself in a head to toe robe. The sun is miraculous and feels great, but you just need to think sun smart!

Prevention starts with being aware of your sun exposure on a daily basis. When going out in the sun it is important to remember that when outdoors you will be exposed to 2 types of solar ray UVA and UVB. Protecting yourself from both types can help prevent skin cancers, and early prevention now can: help prevent skin wrinkling, help prevent cataracts in your eyes, save you facial, body disfigurement, or loss of your life down the road.

Check the UV Index for the UV forecast Daily (Available Online or Newspaper)

1. Apply Sunscreen Daily Even For Short Trips In The Car
2. Carry Extra Sunscreen In Your Car, To Reapply Throughout the Day
3. Try To Limit Your Exposure During Midday Peak Hours
4. When Outdoors Find A Shady Spot
5. Choose & Wear Clothing Made From Tightly Woven Fabrics (No White T-Shirts). Choose Long-Sleeved Shirts And Pants, Or Clothing Designed For Outdoor Wear
6. Sporting Or Wearing A Hat With A Wide Brim That Protects The Eyes, Face, And Neck is not only cool, but can ward off wrinkles in the future.
7. Wear Sunglasses That Provide 100% UV Protection, and help prevent cataracts
8. Always Apply Broad Spectrum Sunscreens With SPF of 30 or Higher
9. Apply At Least A full Handful of Sunscreen On Any Part Of The Skin That Is Exposed To The Sun: (Face, The Back Of The Neck, Ears, Hands, Feet, Arms, Legs, Trunk of Body)
10. Don’t Forget Your Lips Use A Lip Balms Containing Sunscreen.
11. Don’t Rely On Umbrellas As They Offer minimal UV Protection Unless They Stated to be Made From SPF Materials.

This type of cancer which can be deadly if not treated early and correctly. If you have any lesions that are new, or have changed size, color, itch, or resemble sores that will not heal please see your doctor or make an appointment with a dermatologist.

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