Cure for Lung Cancer

Cure for Lung Cancer

It would be false to assume that there is cure for lung cancer especially if it has reached the terminal stages or the stages 3 and 4. When cancer reaches these stages, there is a very slim chance that the cancer can be cured.

However, there are several treatments which can be done in order to fight the growing lung cancer cells. Treatment for lung cancer can have a good prognosis if: the person’s health is optimal, the cancer cells have not advanced and grew in number and the preference and dedication of the patient to submit to treatment therapy.

In treating cancer, several treatment regimens are needed in order to achieve a better reaction. Some of the treatments done are chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and multi-drug therapy.

A patient can choose not to undergo one treatment modality if it concerns him or her. If the person chooses not to, the physician can suggest focusing the care on the patient’s comfort which is termed as palliative treatment rather than the actual disease itself.


In lung cancer surgery, the surgeon will have the option to remove the cancer and parts of the tissue marginalizing it. Some of the procedures that are used to remove the cancer inside the lungs are:

1. Pneumonectomy – removal of the entire lung
2. Lobectomy – removal of the entire lobe of just one lung
3. Wedge resection – removal of a tiny section of a lung which contains the cancer cells together with portions of healthy tissues surrounding it.

When surgery is done, the surgeon may or may not opt to remove the adjacent lymph nodes from the inside of your chest in order to check for cancer cells as well. If the nodes are found out to contain some cancer cells, metastasis is indicative. Surgery for lung cancer has different risks like infection and internal bleeding. Pain may be experienced after the surgery, therefore medicines to mask it are to be prescribed. Soon, rehabilitation or physical therapy will be suggested by your physician in order to restore the client’s active range or motion and muscle strength.


Here, drugs are used. Chemotherapeutic drugs can be administered via intravenous injection or oral administration. The series of drug treatments can last for a period of several weeks and even months with breaks in between therapy to let the body rest. Chemotherapy is used as the first line of cure in lung cancer treatment if surgery is not opted or serves as a follow up treatment after a surgery. Furthermore, there are cases wherein chemotherapy is used in order to lessen side effects or complications of lung cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Here, high-powered beams like x-rays are used in order to eliminate cancer cells. This kind of therapy can either be internal or external. Internal radiation is the usage or insertion of, seeds needles or catheters inside the human body adjacent to the cancer cell which is also known as brachytherapy. In external therapy, the person’s chest is exposed to the high-powered beam.

While many are willing to go through a series of treatment procedures in order to achieve a cure for lung cancer, some refuses to try it. One of the main reasons why people refuse to undergo such treatment procedures is because of the notion that the side effects are more prevalent than the benefits.

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