How to Prevent Lung Cancer – A Guide For Smokers & Those Who Have Quit

How to Prevent Lung Cancer – A Guide For Smokers & Those Who Have Quit

Lung cancer is a terrible disease that kills thousands of people every year. The vast majority of these cases come from smokers but also many people who quit smoking many years ago. How to prevent lung cancer should therefore be of major concern for anyone who has smoked for any length of time in their life as you are in the high risk category for cancers of the lungs, throat and mouth.

Preventing Lung Cancer Basics

The first thing you HAVE to do if you want to avoid becoming a cancer statistic is to STOP SMOKING. Obvious of course but it is surprising how being strongly addiction to cigarettes can make people think they can clean their lungs of carcinogens and continue to smoke. It is an unavoidable fact that smoking has to stop for the risks of lung cancers to start reducing.

From this point you are still not safe, however, as the tar from cigarettes traps carcinogens in your lungs. Your body takes a long time to remove this tar and cleanse the toxins without active work on your part. From here you need to start cleaning your lungs of the chemicals that cause cancer.

Foods That Prevent Cancer of the lungs

Some foods will help you achieve better lung health and prevent yourself becoming another cancer statistic. These are foods that contain antioxidants which have been linked to preventing cancer of all types. Some of these foods include green tea, oregano and broccoli, but many more exist.

Other foods can help in a more indirect ways. Some foods simply help you boost your immune system which aides in natural detoxification of the body and lungs.

Another way to help is to eat foods that liquefy mucus in your lungs such as chilis and other hot foods. This enables you to eject the mucus more easily which contains tar and toxins which lead to cancer.

Lung Detoxification to Prevent Lung Cancer

In conjunction with foods that help you detox your lungs, there are many other methods that can clean them of cancer causing chemicals. A combination of vitamins and mental and physical exercises can help you cleanse your lungs and avoid lungs cancer.

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