Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer is a very deadly disease which costs life of many people every year. Cancer is a deadly disease because it shows almost no symptoms in the early stages. The victim who fall prey to it does not even know that he is suffering from the deadly cancer disease. So, it is important to diagnose lung cancer in an early stage to get rid of it. Though, it is hard to prevent this disease, but the early symptoms of it can be caught to prevent it from further growing. Let us discuss various symptoms of lung cancer which can help in diagnosing it at an early stage.

The first symptom of lung cancer is low rate of breath. The person affected with lung cancer experiences shortness in breath and this symptom is called as dyspnea. Blood coughing is another symptom of lung cancer and it is medically called as hemoptysis. This symptom is generally related with hematemesis which is blood vomiting. The other warning of cancer is experiencing ache during coughing. Any change in the style of coughing can be a sign or symptom of lung cancer. The symptoms like quick weight loss, feeling of excessive exhaustion, and no desire of eating any kind of food stuff are some of the main symptoms of lung cancer. Person suffering with lung cancer may also experience chest pain.

There are other symptoms of cancer which generally show up but can occur in some of the patients. These symptoms include hoarseness in speech and change in voice tone. In medical term hoarseness is known as cachexia. It is a strong indication of lung cancer. The patient suffering from lung cancer experiences pain while swallowing solid food stuff. The victim also experiences swelling on face and also on the neck region. Swelling in neck occurs because of the blockage in lymph nodes and that of face is because of the blockage in main blood vessel. The other symptom of lung cancer is clubbing of fingers or irregularity in fingers. This symptom is very uncommon but can be a big symptom of cancer. Pain in shoulders can also be a symptom of lung cancer. Pain in bones, experiencing weakness of the muscles and eyelids are rare symptoms of lung cancer.

There are some other symptoms too which occur because of the hormones secreted by the lung cancer. These symptoms are extension of the eyes, feeling numbness in body especially hands, fingers and legs. Appearance of lumps on different portions of the skin is another rare symptom of lung cancer. Experiencing severe pain in the abdomen portion is another symptom. Swelling of chest in men is a rare symptom but can occur in some of the patients. Development of lumps in the salivary gland areas is another uncommon symptom of lung cancer.

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